Anthony Yockey Consulting offers a variety of technology services, available on location (your site) and remote. We help evaluate your particular needs and desired direction, identify leading technology solutions and develop and implement the solutions.

Our services include:

Anthony Yockey Consulting eCommerce Consulting
eCommerce Consulting.

To analyze solutions, develop strategies, increase conversion, search engine optimization, comparison shopping site submissions, Google and more. We develop strategies and solutions based on your company's needs and requirements, identifying the best ROI and tracking of KPI. Whether you want to run everything, or just handle fulfillment or customer service, we can help! Commit only the resources you want or can, we can line you up with the rest. More →

Anthony Yockey Consulting Magento to New Levels Anthony Yockey Consulting eCommerce Consulting


Magento Commerce - Outside the Box!

We can assist in utilizing Magento Commerce well beyond the "boilerplate" download. From Design, look and feel to customized integrations with social media and content management systems, empowering your organization to scale your online presence and embrace full marketing and merchandising aspects including Mobile Commerce, Social Media and communities integration and back office applications to enable your company to continually update your site and take advantage of the many marketing opportunities arising for eBusiness. More →

Anthony Yockey Consulting PCI Compliance and Security

PCI Compliance Strategies.

We can help guide you through all the PCI compliance issues, identify areas that will reduce your exposure, and implement processes and policies to keep you compliant. More →

Anthony Yockey Consulting Project Management
Software and Application Development Consulting.

In need of customized solutions in software or applications for your organization? We have developed applications and software to meet specific needs of organizations from Payroll and Human Resource systems to web presence and branding. We can take you from concept through delivery and ongoing support. We can handle the planning, resource allocation, even development and implementation. More →

Anthony Yockey Consulting Project Management

Project Management Consulting.

Whether you are in need of a project manager, to establish a PMO, in IT or organizational goals, we can help guide you and your staff through the processes. From establishing processes for requests to developing project plans, identifying costs and risks to balancing resources and establishing timelines, we can assist getting the greatest Return On your Investment. More →

Anthony Yockey Consulting Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Strategy and Management.

Quality Assurance can include testing of software and changes, debugging applications, confirming the organizational processes function as desired with the expected results, even making sure your customer service is adequately handling your customers as desired. Whatever your need, we can assist in developing a strategy and processes to establish and maintain the Quality of your software, solutions and interaction of staff. More →